Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 70

Hello, blog.

I skipped one day but like most days, I was quite tired. But then I slept at 12, which was not great because I woke up feeling very, very ill. I still got on with my day. I am, however, feeling like crap right now. Most of it is panicking 24*7 and some part of it is physical. I can't wait to feel fresh and alive.

I'm also thinking of re-starting working out because it makes me feel so, so good. I just need to find some time and sort my life out, to be honest. I need to call Samarth, work out, speak to ~~ and be regular with a time table. AND SLEEP ON TIME.

The other day I was also thinking about a lot of girls in the West decide to not go to college and not get an education. It makes me feel that the whole movement that worked towards the right of women to be enrolled in schools, colleges and universities. It's almost as if people fail to recognise their privilege they are born with, or acquire. It's a really long debate, which we will save for another day but just know that it makes me quite sad.

I will now go, chill a little, study and then SLEEP ON TIME. 

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  1. yeah.. about that thing that ppl tend to glosss over the privileges that others have won for them with sweat and blood.. totally agree.